Saturday, September 17, 2005


The Failure of the United Nations

I like the concept of the UN. I liked the idea of the League of Nations; I loved the concept behind the Kellogg Briand Pact.

But reality is a long way from concepts and ideas and flirtation with mans inherent ability to refrain from killing each other for any number of reasons. Land, politics, religion or whatever reason our collective deviant minds can come up with.

The problem is that these noble concepts do not seem to work in any of the formats we have tried.

After 60 years I think the UN Model has also proved it self to be unworkable and we should get out of it and take care of our own.

This does not mean that we stop looking for the venue to pursue the principles that we desire and have searched under these organizations and agreements.

But the United Nations has proven itself to be a failed model.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


The Greatest of All Disappoinments

First I have to apologize for ignoring this Blog of mine for so long. There have been many distractions both internal and external that have kept me from it. But now that there seems to be a moment that does not have some sort of disaster again both personal and external happening, I can return to this endeavor on a full time basis for as long as I am able.

What I have seen over the past several months has, as I am sure has many millions more saddened me. From a war that is being fought far away to our own disaster in New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi that left so many of our fellow Americans suddenly reduced to the status of Third World Refugees.

It is not so much the loss of property or lives that saddens me as much as seeing the same old evils raising their ugly heads again with even more ferocity than they were before.

The ugly face of a government lying to its own people as why we are going to war is something that I thought we had gotten over after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident had been proven to be a fabrication The tactics of using the fear of a Madman with Weapons of Mass Destruction has proven to be as much a lie as PT Boats attacking our ships in the South China Sea. Why did our government seem to think that they had to come up with this fabrication to justify a war?

The moral outrage throughout the world against Saddam Hussein was enough to justify his removal for actions he took against the Kurds, Kuwaitis, and the Shiites in his area of influence in the world. If nothing else, there was a feeling that we had stopped too early after the first Iraq War and we would just be finishing up what needed to be done. But due to someone’s bad perceptions they made our righteousness into a lie and we now as Americans look upon this “Noble War” with embarrassment and we stand before the world ashamed of our leaders and question our values once again.

Another of the ugly heads that has raised itself into full view is our racism. Thanks to the fury of Hurricanes Katrina’s winds and destruction a façade has been once again been ripped away to expose one of the ugliest components of our society. Suddenly we were bombarded with images of dark skinned people wading through filthy chest deep water with their possessions on their heads looking all the world like a scene from a Third World African Nation. Not to imply that the only people that were in the same situation were Afro-American, but it is noted that there were very few Caucasian faces among the constant barrage of images of “Looters”. If there is one set of photographs that prove this point is a picture of a White Couple wading through the water with groceries in tow with the caption that this couple was able to “find” food and an almost exact photo of a black couple was captioned that they had just “looted” food.

How after all these years and all the money and the shifting sentiment towards race relations by Generations that followed the Baby Boomer Generation that fought for Equal Rights in the 50’s and 60’s this type of racial socio-economic disparity still exists in this country is one of the great disappointments of my life.

Thursday, February 24, 2005



It seems that in recent months that we have been criticizing the Russian President for perceived “pull backs” of personal freedoms in Russia. Has anybody read the Patriot Act lately? There is an old adage about glass houses.

It would be good if the loudmouths preaching Neo Conservatism remember it.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005



You know.... that if you were college in the 60's and 70's you more than likely experimented with something. For some the experiment goes on to this day and for some it does not.

Does the President want to admit that he did drugs? Of course not! Why would he? Why would we want him to admit it in the first place? It has nothing to do with anything today.

You know we talk about no role models. We all know that the people that make the Role Models were not perfect. Washington and the cherry tree, Please! The Babe...not a good choice. People have flaws. Clinton, well not exactly what the kids needed for a role model, but you got to admit the whole Monica thing was pretty funny. And for those that think he got away free. May I remind you that the Poor poor bastard sleeps with Hilary and has to listen to her? Any of us guys out there want to live with their wives after we screwed up like that and been caught? I rest my case. Have some mercy.

So we get the Prez to admit he smoked pot. The child we are trying to prevent from starting now says why not?

The Prez has indicated that he used to drink more than socially. He stopped that. I think that I can rest assured that they are not rolling fat ones and drawing lines out on the oval office desk. Even though again there is a certain Cheech and Chong Humor in the visualizations.

You know sometimes we can make people too real. And that makes for lousy role models.

I had a Father in law once that used to say that there was only one perfect man on this earth and we crucified him.

Not that I am Christian at all, but I saw the wisdom in what he said. Seems we are still all too willing to crucify anyone that tries to do a good job. I guess it is just the jealousy.

I know somewhere out there is the argument going on, "Well the election went okay in Iraq. I guess this vindicates him a little." and the response of "Oh hell no, he used to smoke pot and won't admit it." out of some foaming at the mouth anti-Bush Zealot. "He is a monster trying to ruin the world."

Come on lighten up. We got real work to do.

Gosh you folks are funny.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Freedom Has A Taste To It That The Protected Will Never Know

My main argument is this.
We try to have a fair, moral, compassionate society here....

I believe that if we are going to be who we say we are, it goes beyond Nationalism.

If I see a child being raped do I stop to think what the International or Domestic ramifications are before I act to prevent it?

Of course not.

If I see Innocents being lined up to be shot and dumped in some mass grave do I worry about what the French are going to think of my actions?

You see I want to be an American that just will not put up with that type of behavior from anyone....

It is a question of whether or not I am a man.


Some Pure Truths That Hurt

Hi there Folks,

Took a few days off and attended to personal obligations, but I really would like to get back into this.

I spend time on a local Blog that is Administered by the local Newspaper here in St. Augustine and I get some interest responses and challenges to my thinking that I want to share with you.

First I would like to address Whiterobe. It is like this, if you have ever had the opportunity to actually "HUNT" a human being, (an experience I got more than enough of in Viet Nam) you will understand just how difficult that is, (were you a Field Medic or a REMF?), especially in view that there are a few million people watching this guys back for him and providing him with everything he needs to stay on the loose.

Secondly Usama Ben Laden does not want to be caught. Simple enough? Now add to that the challenges of terrain, language, etc, and I am not surprised we haven't caught him.

Do you really understand how much universally incredible dumb luck went into find Sadam? That is all it was. Yes there was some intelligence as to his general location. But think about what happened when that scared, bored, tired infantryman kicked that rug aside and thought that a piece of Styrofoam was under it was a tad odd. I feel sorry for that infantryman he is never going to win the Lottery. He used the pure dumb luck in his life all up.

Hope this helps you understand why we haven't caught him. Yet...

As to your question are we spending enough? If we get hit again in this Country, then No we are not spending enough. If we do not get hit, then yes we are and that does not mean we get to reduce what we spend until we are just barely above the amount needed to keep us from getting hit again.

We will and soon. And badly.

Is the Military Industrial Complex making money on this war? Come on be real. Of course they are. Haliburton. Colt. Whoever makes uniforms, rations, and bullets, whatever? Yes the MI Complex is doing quite well. Be a realist about this stuff and it don't quite suck so bad. Whoever would have thought it that Eisenhower would nail this group right to the wall in the late 50's.

See, here is the thing. Uncle Sam turned me into a warrior a long time ago. Some people gasp at the fact that I would say that. But the reality of it all was I was very good at my job and I came home, albeit full of holes and nightmares, I understand a truth. The truth is that there is a Man with a Gun over there to quote a song. And he wants me to stop living the way that I like or he just wants me to stop living.

As long as he is out there, I or one of my guys is going to be out there with a gun to prevent that. Do I wish it were otherwise? Yes!! Of course! I am a real warrior. I have known Combat and I like it. But I hate what is left afterwards. I pray more than anything else that this world would get to a place where people like me are not needed ever.

But until I wake up one morning and I hear a fully voluntary all-inclusive participatory, universal Koom-Ba-Ya going on in the world. I and my ideas and the ideals of those that have gone before me and those that will come after me that look upon our countrymen and those of true peace as wondrous beings that need to be protected in spite of themselves. We cherish your dreams and yearn for them more than you can imagine. But we will live in hell to try to provide you with peace.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005



Just imagine, in the first ten days surrounding the Crowning of George Bush XXXXIII, we got a real taste of what kind of four years we have coming from the Senate and the House of Representatives. The confirmation hearings for Secretary of State Appointee Condoleeza Rice were just such a glimpse. The Democrats found it necessary to childishly take a slap at the President by refusing to confirm Secretary Rice until after the Inauguration even though the vote was predetermined.

I find that I must profess that Bush was not my choice in either election and I really do not think that there was any more voter fraud taking place by either party than has been traditional in elections since the beginning of this nation. It is traditional that the dead rise every four years at shuffle of to the voting booths to cast their votes all over this county. It is all kind of reminiscent of the Zombie scene from "Thriller". We deal with it. Anyway, I am not sure if voting in someone’s spirit is all that bad. (Just kidding).

I do want to state for the record that I did not vote for this President. I do, however, feel that once the votes are counted and the President is determined, whether it is the person I voted for or not, I feel that it is my duty as a citizen of this country to support the President and his Cabinet. But I have the Right to judge his performance as do my fellow citizens. We can take actions as a people if enough of us do not like what we see. Our experiences with those two Great :eaders Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton have have shown us thatlike old time gunfighters, I can get my Special Prosecutor out of my holster faster than you can.

Even more so now in this time of war against an enemy that is bent on this countries ultimate destruction we have to be vigilantlest some outsider try to interrupt our nations march towards the Manifest Destiny, (Man, we like that phrase) of freedom for all the peoples of earth.

But an even nastier and more devastating occurrence has slipped by the Public eye, what with our War on Terror, Nation Building, Tsunami Relief, etc and etc while we were out being "Stingy"

Friends, Americans, Countryman, People”. The President of Venezuela dis’d our very own “Sister…eh, Secretary of State, Condee” How dare he and by what right does he think he can do that? This is an in house discussion we are having and no Third Rate Sunglass Wearing, Mustachioed, Uniformed, Self-Proclaimed Comic Opera, Pompous George Washington of South America wannabe can be making the following statements which were widely reported in different world wide medias.

“Chavez of Venezuela referred to Dr. Rice as, "ignorant and illiterate.” and then he crossed the line. During another instance the following exchange took place. It went as follows: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mocked Dr. Rice on state television. Minutes before his comments, a presenter on a Venezuelan government television program had joked that Dr. Rice "wants it badly or is in love with Chavez."

When President Chavez heard the comment, he screamed that he was going to ask "Condolence" for marriage. When the audience screamed, "No", he yelled: "too bad she doesn't know what she's missing."

Okay, what kind of Bullshit is this! President Hugo Chavez? Where did this guy come from? A real honest to God 1960’s Marxist, Che Guevara T-Shirt wearing, Simon Bolivar Megalomaniacal, Cuba-centric Communist of the Old Order. Got to love the retro fashion statement.

Just as we were getting used to the idea we would not have our friend Fidel to kick around any more, up pops "Hugo". I know let's just call him "Hug-o". He's adorable! A Banana Republic Dictator with an overdose of machismo. You have got to love it.

Boy, there is going to be a lot of hemming and hawing when Hug-o starts looking for the yearly Most Favored Nation Status and the Foreign Aid checks and guess wwho he is going to have to ask for the money from. That's right. "Condee." I want tickets to that meeting.

Well at least a South American Dictator is something the CIA is experienced in. Maybe they should concentrate their efforts there and let the Pentagon do its own intelligence work in the Middle East. The CIA has such a fine record in El Salvador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, the assassination of a duly elected leader of Chile and our favorite war against the dangers and ravages of Communism, Cuba. It will give them something to do.

After all Our Secretary of State’s honor has been besmirched! It must be avenged!

And to our South American friends we make this observation:

Hugo no tiene Huevos!

And anytime you feel the least bit froggy, Go ahead. Jump. I dare ya’.



This is in response to the country's realization that when a soldier comes home from war they are never the same as they were when they left.When I came home from Viet Nam many years ago, no one would admit that PTSD exsisted. Now they do. To those coming home, Welcome Home and that is meant with all sincerity. But when the dreams come and the rage and fear for no reason raises in you understand what it is and know that you are among one of the most unique and elite fraternity in this country, The Combat proven Warrior. There are many of us out here. Seek us out when you need to just sit with someone that truly understands.

A Welcome Home From Iraq From One Combat Vet to another:

"Welcome home from the fields of war,
You withstood the worst in shot and shell.
You watched your brethren die in your arms as well.
Welcome home my comrade;
Now starts your time in hell."

- Marcus Nevacoff, Veteran
11-Bravo Light Weapons Infantry, Vietnam 1968-71

Thursday, January 20, 2005



The easiest way to determine whether a nation’s people enjoy Freedom is to observe whether or not its military is turned outward in defense of its people, or facing inward to control them. – Marcus A. Nevacoff, January 2005



It Is Time To Come Home

The National Discussion on Iraq has now entered a new phase. When are we going to pull out? This is a question that should not be decided by the American Government in a unilateral way. We have the safety and the wishes of the Iraqi people to consider. I contend however that with the upcoming elections about to take place it may be time for us to consider packing up and heading home if the reasons we gave, sans WMD, are truthful.

We wanted to eliminate the Sadam Hussein government. We took care of that. We wanted to capture or eliminate Sadam and his sons. We did that as well. We wanted to insure that there was the opportunity for the people to have elections. That is in the works and the first of these elections will be held, as of this writing at the end of January 2005.

After these elections take place it is time for us start giving the country back to whoever won these elections and head for home, because we have provided the Iraqi People with the basics of self-government and that is self-determination. We cannot dictate who or what their government will be.

Self-determination is the gift that we helped them have the ability to exercise. Self-determination is the one basic freedom that once it is secured it is then up to the population that has it to actually uses it for their own benefit. This again does not mean to their own benefit as long as the United States approves of what is decided, but what the majority of the people that inhabit that country want it to be and that takes work and an effort to have understanding of your opposing fellow countryman. The basic lesson that has to be learned is that just because the man next to you does not totally believe in what you do is no reason to kill him. This is one of the few hard lessons we have learned in this country.

No one in their right mind thinks that after the elections in Iraq the losing party will shrug their shoulders and say, “Well, if the majority really wants it, I guess I am wrong and I will let it go and do my best to support the duly elected government.” This just isn’t in the cards for this round. This is the election that will set off in all probability a Civil War in Iraq between the Shiite and the Sunni Factions no matter what peaceful avenues are pursued. With all our faults that the world sees in us there is one thing that can not be denied and we have tried to get other nations to this point. We have taught the world and that is that we can have a change a government in this country with a minimum of gunfire.

Civil War is probably the most horrific type of war there is. When fought by the actual principles and not supported and pushed ahead by outside influences, funding, and intervention, though they can be of the shortest and most effective on outlining a path for a nation to follow. There is something that puts a finality to the argument although one has to wonder out loud as to the wisdom of our species that we cannot seem to learn from lessons learned and avoid this type of conflict.

After this election it will be time to begin our withdrawal and let the people of that country have their self-determination as they see it, not as we would like to see it.

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